Empowered Medical Cannabis Use: Filling The Gap

Prescribed Healing, Now What?

You have heard about the wonders of healing with cannabis, and have made the decision to use it to assist in healing specific ailments. Next you have chosen to purchase it either through a recreational retailer, or have obtained it through a prescription. Now what? Beyond a maximum daily amount, prescriptions may leave the individual with many unanswered questions about how to best use this medicine.  

The vast amount of time and energy it takes to sift through the stories, myths, anecdotes, and science in order to properly research and practice a healing protocol with the procured medicine can be simply too much.  Especially when that time and energy needs to go towards healing! 

Filling the Gap: Cannabis Use Made Simple!

We have taken the time and energy to pinpoint specific supportive information and tools, so that healing with cannabis can be simple for you and for your clients.  Through this program you will discover which types of cannabis will provide optimum support for various ailments and for specific healing effects.  Learn how often, which times of day, and in combination with what foods or activities to use the many types and forms of cannabis.  Understand how, when, and why these effects may change. Learn who will most and least benefit from medical cannabis use,  as well as possible contraindications and  cautions of said usage. Empowerment at your fingertips!

Personal & Clinical Applications

Discover the great variety of methods available to use this medicine including ingestion, inhalation, and topical application; how each type of application may change the effect, benefit, and other factors; and get to know which tools are required for each method, how to make them or where to purchase them. 

This program will fill the the gap left by the medical system, whether you want to learn purely for personal reasons, or want to adapt your current healing practice to include therapeutic cannabis healing and products.

Medical Cannabis Therapist Certificate Program

Empowerment Made Simple

We believe that the power of healing should be in the hands of every person, and that the foundation of such empowerment rests upon knowledge. That is why we are committed to providing our students with the highest standard of therapeutic information, practice, and approaches in the medical cannabis industry. 

This program has been designed for both the lay person and clinician, no matter  your current level of medical cannabis information or experience.  In line with this, we have ensured that the tuition is very reasonable, supporting access for all those seeking empowerment in this way.

Empowering individuals and communities has never been easier!

The Healing Foundation

  • Cannabis and  the human body: endocannabinoid system, receptor systems, endogenous cannabinoids
  • CBD, THC, and the many other components of cannabis
  • Tolerance, benefits, symptoms, & effects 
  • Cannabis history, myths, and research
  • Prescription/Use for specific health concerns
  • Non-medical cannabis use: what you need to know
  • Legalities: what you need to know before prescribing/using
  • The Product: what you need to know before you buy; what, where, how to buy

And so much more!

Beyond the Basics: Prescription/Use

  • Flower/buds: how and when to prescribe/use different types for different purposes; and an introduction to growing your own
  • CBD oil and Concentrates: how and when to prescribe/use, and an introduction to making your own
  • Edibles: commonly available cannabis food products, how and when to prescribe/use them, and introduction to making your own
  • Personal care products: commonly available cannabis personal care and topical products, when and how to prescribe/use them, and and introduction to creating your own
  • Holistic integration of cannabis healing  within a clinic setting

 And so much more !

About Tuition & Regisration

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Edmonton, Alberta

June 8 - 14, 2018

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Vancouver, BC

August 31 - September 5

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August 21 - 26, 2018

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