The Empowerment Now! program overview can be found on this page, with links to additional details.  

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Join Us for Ten Months

Empowerment Now

We offer simple, easy to use information and tools designed to diminish chaos and enhance awareness, choice, & clarity. 

Thereby, empowering you.    

Three In-Person Sessions

Four days each, Friday through Monday

8 am - 4 pm daily

September: 14th - 17th, 2018

January: 4th - 7th, 2019

June: 6th - 9th, 2019

You Choose Where

September: Edmonton or Mexico

January: Edmonton, Las Vegas, or Banff

June: Edmonton,Calgary, or Toronto

Free Development Sessions

  Approximately 40 FREE development sessions available once per week, between September and June. You choose if and when you attend, and the degree to which you participate.

Attendance is limited to Empowerment participants  

*exceptions on holidays & program breaks

Monthly Healing Clinic

With approximately 10 FREE individual student clinic sessions, you choose if you want to practice honing your skill, or enjoy a complimentary session:

  • Informational healing, Intuitive development, Physical energetic manipulation
  • Acupressure, Accumo, Energy balancing, Motivational release assistance therapy, Emotional balancing, Crio-energy, Bio-energy, Essential oil therapy, Extract therapy
  • Healing arts, Creative release, Colour profiling, Colour healing, 4-square, Colour patterning, Sand painting, Drawing for life, Clay work, Mask making, Mini-me-&-you information and healing processes, Painting for release and awareness
  • Sci-Chi Tarot (science based information re: past, present,e & future; self and relationship to people, power, money, sex, dreams, health, and fears)
  • Learn about yourself with a game of  Meopoly
  • Hone Non-verbal communication awareness and skills, Emotional self sufficiency blueprints
  • And more...*

*Availability of clinic session type is dependant upon student practicum requirements and availability



  • 12 in-person session days: 3 sets of 4 days each
  • 40 practice sessions, once per week
  • 10 private student clinic healing sessions of choice
  • Monthly opportunities to hone energetic skills
  • 10 1-on-1 training partner development sessions 
  • Completion of first year of any 1 Certificate, Certification, or Diploma program, OR no formal training & come for personal interest

Tuition: $3, 347.00.  

How to make the payment? You choose from one of the following options:

  1. 1 full payment at the time of registration: (cheque/E-transfer/Credit Card)
  2. *Deposit of 25% at time of registration, and 3 sessional payments of 25% each dated: August 15, December 3, May 15 (cheque/E-transfer/Credit Card)
  3. *Deposit of 25% at time of registration, and 10 monthly post-dated payments (Cheque/E-tranfer only)*oac

Be Empowered For a Lifetime

You Choose The Experience

Along with information designed to aid you in gaining tools for selfempowerment, clarity, and a healthier life, during each session you will choose the experience you have.  

You Choose The Program

During each session you will choose the experience you have:

  • Fine tune your innate intuitive skills; or have a reading by a professional-in-training
  • Enjoy gentle body care and healing; or learn Essential oil Therapy, Bio-Energy Medicine, Accumo, Acupressure, and more...
  • Participate meditational movement through gentle yoga; or guided meditation
  • Connect with your body, mind, emotions, and intuition through writing; or practice therapeutic art 
  • And so many more choices. . .

You Choose The Outcome

Professional Accreditation or Personal Interest: You Choose 

You may also choose one area of energetic learning to apply your focus and work towards a Certificate, Diploma, or Certification; or simply enjoy participating in whatever you want to, during each program session.  

Simple, Gentle, and Powerful

 Whether it be through greater health and well-being, information and clarity, or development of professional skills; true personal empowerment is simple, gentle, and offers choice. The programs we offer are simple, gentle, and offer choice.  

Individuals, Couples, Businesses

 We offer simple, easy to use information and tools designed to diminish chaos and enhance awareness, choice, & clarity. Thus, empowering you, your family, business, and community. 

Participant Comments

"Amazing how fun it has been, and surprising how much I have learned" ...Anne, 2016

"I loved getting readings, was challenged giving them, and I would not change a thing. I'm already looking forward to next year" ...Mary, 2016

"The Non Verbal Communication & group energies Certificate programs are fascinating.  I am thrilled to begin working with corporate clients!" ...Colleen 2017

"The respect and knowledge shared by the facilitators is amazing!" ...Barb

Choices & Options

Details regarding the integration of professional diploma and certification programs, or individual healing and learning programs are just a click away.