Welcome to Empowerment Now!

True Personal Empowerment is Simple, Gentle, and Offers Choice.

 Over the last 20 years, we have worked with  thousands of individuals, corporate and non-profit ventures, politicians and celebrities.  Whether for personal, educational, business, or other interests - every single person who has come through our doors has had one thing in common:  Each was seeking Empowerment.  Whether it be through greater health and well-being, information and clarity, or development of professional skills - true personal empowerment is simple, gentle, and offers choice

We believe in Simple

Simple Is Powerful

Time, money, and energy is gained by simply shedding the unnecessary.  These resources can then be dedicated to empowering you and your life.  

Simple Is Successful

Without the limits imposed by everyday complications, success is simply limitless

Simply Empowerment

A small, simple, and powerful learning centre where we believe in you!  We are passionate about your empowerment through holistic health and medical cannabis practices!

Let Us Show You How Fun & Simple Empowerment Can Be

We offer programs we which are simple, gentle, and offer choice.

We deliver information and tools that are easy to use and designed 

to diminish chaos while enhancing awareness, choice, & clarity. Thus, empowering you.

A Small, Powerful School

Personal Development

 Along with information designed to aid you in gaining tools for self-empowerment, clarity, and a healthier life, you have choice.  During each class you will choose the information and the experience you have.  For example:

  • Enjoy gentle body care and healing, or learn to do it yourself
  • Participate in a non-verbal assessment, or learn to read the underlying meanings of body language
  • Discover effects of unconscious beliefs and emotions, or paint for release
  • Learn methods of play therapies, or simply engage in them
  • Come for personal interest or professinal development


Professional Development

Choose  from many certificate, diploma, or certification programs, including : 

  • Bio-Energy Medicine
  • Medical Cannabis Therapist
  • Psycho-Energetic Arts
  • Emotional Energetic Arts
  • Non-Verbal Communications
  • Non-Verbal & Group Energetics
  • Essential Oil Therapies
  • Acupressure
  • Accumo
  • Thermo-Energetics
  • Emotional Self Sufficiency
  • Motivational Release Assistance Therapy
  • Meditation
  • Intuitive Development


Individualized Development

 Have you ever wanted to learn, practice or experience only specific components of a program and leave the rest?  Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could mix and match parts of different classes, drawing them into one unique healing or learning program designed just for you? Through our 'Empowerment Now!' program you can do just that, at no extra cost!  For example:

  • Design your own program, or have it designed for you the most
  • Complete a Diploma or Certification program, or focus upon those parts of the programs which intrigue you
  • Plan it all in advance, or decide as you go

 And Offers Choice!

True Empowerment: More Than a Business

Simple: we care and so we do

We have assisted thousands of individuals as they empowered themselves with clear, specific, and accurate information. Why? It’s simple. We care about our community, we can support individuals within the community with simple to use tools and information that has the potential to lead to health and healing, happiness and self-empowerment. And so we do.

Gentle: empowering individuals

Along with us, our students have regularly engaged in community service projects empowering and supporting individuals through the provision of needed care and assistance.  Such empowering activities have included such things as: fixing the leaky roof of an elderly couples home; regular house cleaning for an ill parent; childcare for a new mother;  yard maintenance & provision of regular meals for critically ill individuals; tuition assistance for those who would otherwise be unable to afford energetic education.

Offering Choice: empowering community

We have regularly engaged in empowering and supporting our local community through:  gathering & delivering winter coats for those in need; raising funds for the Youth Empowerment Services &  the Elisabeth Stoike Foundation; assisted in building a neighbourhood park, & raising funds through regular clothing sales for a variety of community projects.

Supporting the community at large through: raising over 20,000 pounds of books for schools in need, building with Houses for Humanity; sponsoring a child in need, providing much needed supplies and funds to women's shelters, youth emergency services, and young mothers.

 And so much more!  

Inspiring Empowerment: our passion

What began as a part of our students' diploma and certification programs has moved well beyond the purview of this school, and into the community created 'Blue Apple' community service group.

Through our efforts to empower individuals, families, and communities in specific and practical ways over the past twenty+ years, we have in-turn empowered ourselves to become individuals we are proud of,  and members of families &  communities which inspire!

If you would like to be a part of empowering and inspiring individuals, families, and communities, simply click on the blue button below.